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Brisbane Makeup Artist

Margaret Macpherson is a Brisbane based makeup artist + hair stylist specialising in fashion campaigns, editorial, advertising, bridal, special occasion and makeup artistry masterclass events.


Margaret has worked in the Beauty Industry for over 12 years, completing her studies in Melbourne, she quickly moved on assisting Australia's top Makeup Artists for leading Fashion + Beauty campaigns. Margaret has spent the last ten years travelling and working in Europe, England, Sydney and New York alongside major fashion and advertising brands. During this time she refined her craft and found her love of glowing skin and natural beauty.


Margaret prides herself on developing looks to suit each individual's style to ensure you look and feel beautiful every time.​ Using the highest quality products, Margaret loves to educate her clients on current beauty trends, by creating flawless makeup designs with great attention to detail. 

In addition to prepping models for the camera and catwalk, and getting brides white-carpet ready. Margaret also works as a creative behind-the-scenes producing campaigns as a consultant, advising brands on upcoming beauty trends and innovate products.

Having recently moved back to Brisbane, Australia from time working abroad in New York City, Margaret's schedule is filling fast. Complete the bookings form for her currently availability.


facial cleansing cloth

the modern + eco-friendly microfibre makeup remover 

j u s t   a d d  w a t e r ...

The Microfibre Facial Cleansing Cloth was born with an idea from makeup artist Margaret Macpherson. "Spending years using disposable makeup wipes after shoots, I felt these wasteful towelettes were not only damaging the environment, but doing serious damage to my skin. Having to rub and scrub trying to get all traces of makeup and dirt off, the disposable wipes left my and my models skin feeling irritated and raw". Thus the microfibre facial cleansing cloth was created.


The easiest way to remove long-lasting makeup and dirt, just add warm water to your eco-friendly cloth, and wipe away. No rubbing or scrubbing needed. Really! Even waterproof mascara and lip tints. Just hold your facial cleansing cloth over the eye area, count to five, then gently wipe your makeup away.


Have I also mentioned how eco-friendly it is? After removing all your makeup, just rinse out the towel with soap and warm water and use the convieant hook to dry. Once a week, add the facial cleansing cloth to your washing and it's as good as new, perfect for up to 150 washes, that's saving over 500 disposable makeup wipes. Think how much you could save, not just in your purse, but in bio-degradable waste to the environment.


Click below to shop and find out more about our mission to eradicate single-use disposable makeup wipes...

Reuseable microfibre makeup remover


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