Beautiful Brows

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Here's your how-to guide for creating those glorious, #ontrend, bushy brows...


Using a brow brush, sweep through your brows in an up and outward motion to create your natural shape.


Using a brow pencil start to fill in any sparse patches, using light feathery strokes. I like to start at the arch of the eyebrow and work out towards the end or "the tail'. This is the area we want most of the product.

Using the same feathering motion start filling in any patches towards the beginning of the brow. If you ever feel you have over done it, use the brow brush to blend the product through the brow.

Alway brush up and out.

Pro Tip: I like to mix two colours to crete depth to the brow, the lighter colour for the beginning on the brow and mix the two for the middle and tail. Remember to only fill in the sparse areas, we want to keep it looking natural and not too defined.


Finally, I love to use a coloured or clear eyebrow gel to add dimension and keep long brow hairs in place. Brush the gel through from the end of the brow to the beginning to coat every hair, then up and out to finish and set in place.

The final result... dreamy brows!!!

Watch the video below for my visual on 'how-to'

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