How to apply Lashes 101

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Here are my favourite little tricks for applying jaw-dropping lashes for your alter-ego...

Step One... Curl those lashes!

Get as close to your lash line as possible, if it hurts, you are too close ;) I like to give them three soft squeezes. Make sure you check them, I like to do a little extra on the ends to get real lift.

Step Two... Apply mascara before lashes

Give your top and bottom lashes a few coats, this helps the false lashes stick to your lashes. You don't want to see any space in-between.

Step Three... Apply glue to your lashes and wait for it to become tacky

I like to apply the glue with the end of my tweezer, it helps give an even and controlled application. Wait 30-60 seconds for the glue becomes tacky this will help it adhere quicker.

Step Four... Application

Line up your false lashes for the middle of the lash line. Using tweezers attach the inner corner then outer corner. Once attached, gently tweeze together the false lashes with your real lashes to ensure there are no gaps. Give the glue a few minutes to dry, the glue will go clear when the lashes are fully adhered.

Step Five... Go over clear glue with pencil or liquid liner

Using your favourite liquid or pencil liner, go over the lash line to cover up any glue. And you are ready to go, remember practise makes perfect so keep at it!! If you are feeling really adventurous try giving individuals a go!!


If you want more, try putting your false lashes in your eyelash curler before application for more volume.

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