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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

A question I get asked a lot is what colours are going to suit my eyes?

Let me... break it... down... now....


One of the best tricks for brown eyes is to smudge warm brown eyeshadow with coopery undertones into the lash line, this will bring out green and gold flashes in the eyes. For a more dramatic look, use purple tones. Purple is opposite brown on the colour wheel so colours like plums, pinks and beige help warm up the eyes.

For a real pop I love using green or teal as a liner on the upper lid. This pop helps open the eye.

COLOURS: Cool blue, Plums, Purples, Warm Rust, Green, Teal, Nude and Beige


I love using rich red-brown and pink tones to accentuate true green eyes. Focus on colours like wine, plum, lilic and lavender to brighten any yellow or green hues in the eye. When we go back to the colour wheel, green's complementary colour is red so look for eyeshadow with red undertones. For a day look, neutral browns, gold and pastel pinks help make green eyes pop. A great tip is to blend a bit of your blush (in pink hues) on your lash line, or the middle of your eye, to pop the green.

COLOURS: Purple, Red-Brown, Pastel Pink, Wine Red, Rose Gold, Neutral Brown's


Golds, bronzes and coppers bring out the blues because the warmth sparks the cool. Add a little ivory in the inner corner and your eyes will sparkle, while using a pop of orange or coral will make your blue eyes look even bluer. If you want to go for a more daytime look, use a mix of warm neutrals as a classic smokey eye, paired with a soft black kohl or navy liner.

COLOURS: Orange, Coral, Peach, Gold, Rose-Gold, Browns, Rust, Tangerine


For hazel eyes, I reach for rich autumnal colours like browns, golds and greens. It's all about playing with the colours in your eyes that you want to bring out. Gold and bronze tones will bring out the warmth in hazel eyes - they pull golden flecks forward and make the green tones radiant. For a daytime look, use a wash of green or brown over the eyes and a bone highlight in the inner corners. Finish off with an earthy brown shade for your liner and black mascara.

COLOURS: Warm Brown's, Rich Chocolate, Bronze, Creamy Bone, Gold, Forest Green, Purple/Eggplant,

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