My 5 product - "No Makeup, Make-up!"

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Here's my step-by-step guide to the flawless 'no makeup, makeup' look using ONLY five products!! Thats right... for my women who have no time.. listen up and learn the art of multi-use!


Step One... its all about the PREP!

I love spending time prepping my skin, I can easily use at least 8 products however you will fins a lot of brands are coming out with combination-products. Today I'm using the Mecca Hydrating Primer, a moisturiser and primer in one and a little goes a long way.

Step Two... choose your BASE!

Im all for natural and clean products which is why I love everything that comes from Hourglass, plus the brand is going completely Vegan by 2020 (Yayyyy). I'm using their iconic Tinted Moisturiser - Illusions. Again this is a combination product, its a foundation, sunscreen and has anti-aging complexes that give you instant glowing skin! There's a reason this is a best seller!

Step Three.. focus on those BROWS!

It's no secret, I have a weird obsession with brows, so I love a brow product that will do everything and keep my brows looking natural. I'm using the Smashbox Brow Tech-to-go in Brunette, I love the triangle application so you can mimic hairs and the end also doubles as a gel to set those long hairs in place. I love the fluffy-brow look, remember to keep brushing up and out.

Step Four... MULTI-USE products are key!

I love a multi-use product, as you can tell by this whole post, so when Westman Artlier brought out her makeup line I fell in love instantly. She has 6 colours in the Baby Face Blush Sticks, and Im using my current favourite, Petal for my cheeks, my lips and to give my eyelids a little life. This is a great product for when your feeling a little 'blah', it adds colour back to your skin.

Step Five... MASCARA!

This has it's own step because, you know, mascara!! My everyday go to is ByTerry, Terrybly in Black. This mascara carries a growth formula and I truly believes works. With just a few coats I get soft and conditioned lashes. I love to wear mascara everyday, so this is my best friend - she's looking out for, and lengthening, my lashes everyday.

And there you have it... 'no makeup, makeup' with only FIVE products.

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