Skincare Review: Liberty Belle Rx

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

For those who know me know, I'm all about skincare. Its the prep that makes the makeup!

So when Liberty Belle Rx asked me to test out their new range of science-proven skincare... I jumped higher than... well lets just say I jumped really high.

Before anything, I sat down with one of their amazing dermal-clinicians to discuss my skin concerns and the a-z of treatments. It started with an amazing treatment called the DermaSweep. Its a lot like microdermabrasion, a non-invasive combination of exfoliation and the application of nourishing serums and acids. And the results were immediate, my skin was glowing.

After the facial, we talked more about my skin, their skincare, and how it could help my concerns. I have areas of pigmentation from sun damage, brought on from a childhood at the beach (I regret nothing - expect not using sunscreen). I also have oily skin, which I don't mind but would like to reduce my pore size and (of course) increase hydration and antioxidants to prevent fine lines.

My beautiful dermal clinician put together a morning and evening routine to get my skin back on track... My final goals were to clear my pigmentation, reduce my pores (so I could wear less or minimum makeup) and to have that "just had a facial glow" everyday.

These are my results after 30 days using Liberty Belle Rx...

Watch the video below to see my results after 4 weeks of use...


Morning Routine

- Braveheart (Cleanser)

- Eye Duo (Eye Gel)

- Next Level (Vitamin C Serum)

- Glam Squad (Hyaluronic & Vitamin B Serum)

- Game Changer (Complexion Perfecting Gel)

- Super Hero (Anti-Pollution Moisturiser)

- Super Star (SPF 50+ Sunscreen)

Evening Routine

- Braveheart (Cleanser)

- Eye Duo (Eye Gel)

- Glam Squad (Hyaluronic & Vitamin B Serum)

- Bright Star (Adv. Brightening Treatment)

- Quiet Achiever (Leave on AHA) *Every 2nd night*

- Super Hero (Anti-Pollution Moisturiser)

Send us an email if you have any questions or queries about your skincare routine at

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